Studio in African American Poetry and Poetics

Studio in African American Poetry and Poetics (running annually, beginning Fall 2017) is a course in interdisciplinary making, as we investigate the evolving fields of African American poetry and poetics through a critical and a creative lens. In this class, we will think and work across genres (poetry, prose), mediums (page, canvas, digital, film, or theatrical space), and disciplines (writing, literary criticism, visual arts, drama, choreography, history, etc.), and collapse the walls between presenter and audience, creator and critic, as we work individually and collaboratively toward new modes of making. Intended for graduate students and advanced undergraduates, this course will also provide students with hands-on opportunities to work on events, archival projects, and community outreach, and consider these activities from both theoretical and practical perspectives.

The Studio is a collaborative effort, meaning that students will have a chance to engage with several different instructors over the course of the semester. Interdisciplinary by virtue of the diverse interests of these instructors, some of whom are themselves working on collaborations across genres and art forms, you will have the opportunity to engage in thinking and making through a range of perspectives and creative practices.

Registration opens via the U of Pitt Student Center on March 24, 2017! To view the complete course description and view registration codes, follow this link: