Dream Space—Christian Campbell

This winter, we welcomed our inaugural Dream Space resident, the poet-scholar Christian Campbell. Campbell visited Pittsburgh for a short-term residency, from Jan 30th - Feb 6th. This residency was a collaboration between CAAPP, the University of Pittsburgh’s Humanities Center, and the Andy Warhol Museum. Campbell, a poet and scholar, is interested in the implications of a “revival” of the work of Haitian-Nuyorican-American artist Jean-Michael Basquiat. He writes, “I want to suggest that his dynamic paintings call out for entirely new readings not only in the wake of the extreme visibility of black death in the United States, but also in the wake of far less ‘visible’ shifts and crises in the Caribbean and its diasporas. What has been erased from the criticism, curation and consumption of Basquiat’s global legacy? What might we re-vision in Basquiat’s work if we rightfully reframe him as an erasurist?” As part of his residency, Campbell furthered his research on Basquiat in the Warhol Museum’s archives, where there are several collaborative pieces by Basquiat and Warhol, as well as Basquiat-Warhol correspondence and other ephemera. Campbell presented his multimedia presentation “Erasing Basquiat” at the Humanities Center on February 6th.