Dream Space

Dream Space is a creative space where CAAPP hosts the development of new work by poets, scholars, poet-scholars, and other artistic practitioners whose work intersects with African American and African diasporic poetry and poetics. Visiting guests are afforded funding, time, and space to do research and think at their leisure, meet and collaborate with one another and Pittsburgh-area writers on new projects, and participate in other events as necessary. In Dream Space, we encourage cross-genre and cross-disciplinary collaboration. It is composed of two arms:


Fellowship in Creative Writing @ CAAPP


The CAAPP Residency Program

Through the Dream Space residency program, we offer both individual and collaborative residencies, where the goal is to create a single work and present that work (or work in progress) to students, faculty, and community members at Co-Lab, a space where audience members ask the presenter(s) to engage with outside texts to further the creators’ understanding of their own work in progress. The collaborative residency invites teams of poets, scholars, poet-scholars, artists (or lawyers, physicists, architects!) and thinkers and makers of all varieties to come together to create a collaborative work in the broader field of poetics for a month or several months at a time. This is a space for visionary enactment.


Our Dream Space Residents

Spring 2017 | Christian Campbell

Fall 2017 | r. erica doyle, francine j. harris, Douglas Kearney,
and Ronaldo V. Wilson | Thaddeus Mosley Tribute

Spring 2018 | Justin Phillip Reed

Fall 2018 | Jonah Mixon-Webster

Spring 2019 | CAAPP/City of Asylum Dream Space Resident | Saretta Morgan

Fall 2019 | Julie Patton and Tyrone Williams

Spring 2020 | CAAPP/City of Asylum/August Wilson House Resident | Xandria Phillips

Spring 2020 | CAAPP/City of Asylum Dream Space Resident | Keith Wilson

Fall 2021 | CAAPP/City of Asylum/August Wilson House Resident | Joel Dias-Porter