Studio in African American Poetry and Poetics

Studio in African American Poetry and Poetics (running annually, beginning Fall 2017) is a course in interdisciplinary creating. In this class, we read, think, and work across genres, mediums, and disciplines, and collapse the walls between presenter and audience, creator and critic, as we work individually and collaboratively toward new modes of making. Dawn Lundy Martin, Director of the Center for African American Poetry and Poetics (CAAPP), has said that “like innovators in tech, we want to be open and inclusive as we generate new ideas about what it means to work in the fields of African American poetry and poetics. This seems especially important in these trying and divisive times.” To this end, we are working toward a practice-based poetics, where creating is a way of working through questions to arrive at new ideas. Collaboration, then, the process of creating in partnership, in community, is an expression of the practice of poetics at its most dynamic. In this spirit of collaboration, the Studio provides students with opportunities to engage with CAAPP’s visiting poets and artists in the intimate space of the classroom and to work on CAAPP events.

The Studio meets the Gen Ed requirements for Diversity & Creative Work. 

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