Wit(h)ness: Prompts for Thinking in Creative Practice

A collection of thought-provoking writing & generative prompts provided by featured guests Wura-Natasha Ogunji, Phoebe Boswell, and others of Wit(h)ness: a CAAPP Black Study on Intimacy.



Wura-Natasha Ogunji

Write a piece of memoir as a list of places (real or imagined, geographic, architectural, bodily, etc).  You should have as many items as your age in years.



Phoebe Boswell

Write toward the following questions:


1) What does freedom mean to you?

2) How will you practice freedom today?


Want to be a part of Phoebe Boswell’s creative project? Feel free to record yourself answering both and send them to phoebeboswellproject@gmail.com.



CAAPP's Open Prompt

Think of something—an image, a phrase, an idea—presented by one of the featured guests of Wit(h)ness. Break down that image or phrase or idea. What pieces does it consist of? What does it make you feel? What scares you about it?

Write a poem towards that item—whatever it makes you think of, however it arrives to you in this moment.

Later, revise the poem by injecting more intimacy into it, whatever that might mean to you. How might you bring a reader or audience closer into the poem you’ve created?